What will my gift do? - Heart Research UK

What will my gift do?

We know research works and thanks to gifts in Wills we are able to plan for the future and continue to benefit patients as soon as possible.

Anyone can leave a gift in their Will and it doesn’t have to be a lot. If every person in the UK with cardiovascular disease left just £1 we would have £7 milllion to fund our pioneering medical research.

Margaret Watson (pictured) worked in the NHS for over 30 years and chose to support Heart Research UK because she understood the need for research into medical conditions.

In 2006 her great nephew was born with congenital heart disease and had to have open heart surgery when he was only a year old. Margaret was in awe of what could be and had been achieved with the surgery. She was equally impressed with the skill of the surgeons and nursing staff. The intervention greatly improved the quality of life of her great nephew who is now a fit and healthy twelve year old.

Without gifts like Margaret’s we would not be able to fund projects like this one which is investigating a way to build life-like blood vessels to treat congenital heart disease. These ‘living grafts’ would be used to replace defective heart valves and arteries and would grow with the child, removing the need for further operations as children get older.

Gifts in Wills also help us to educate surgeons like those who treated Margaret’s great nephew. Our masterclasses help fill in gaps in training, showcase new methods and give world-leading surgeons the opportunity to pass on their expertise.

After looking after family and friends we hope you will consider helping us as Margaret did

Gifts in Wills are some of the most important gifts we receive and without them we would not be able to fund over half of our work. If there is room in your Will for a gift to Heart Research UK please think about Margaret and her great nephew, we hope you find her as inspiring as we do.