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Writing your Will

Before you meet with your solicitor you can use our Will Planner to help you keep track of the things you own, who you want to leave gifts to and who you want to be responsible for making sure your wishes are carried out. 


When writing your Will you need to think about:


What you own and an estimate of what it is worth

For example your house, savings, insurance policies etc. It can also be helpful to make a list of what you owe, so always consider outstanding bills and loans, such as your mortgage, when doing your estimate.


Who your executor(s) will be

This is the person or people who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes. It could be a solicitor, family member or friend and up to four people can be executors.

Who you want to leave gifts to and what kind of gift you want to leave

There are different kinds of gift:
Pecuniary – a specific sum of money ie £200
Residuary – A percentage of everything left over once all other gifts have been paid ie 20%
Specific – This is a specific item ie a piece of jewellery or a car


Where you will keep your Will

It’s important to keep your Will safe, the solicitor who writes your Will may store it for free. Make sure to tell your executor or a close friend or relative where it is kept.

Take your Will planner with you to your solicitor along with our recommended wording for gifts to Heart Research UK.