By Charlotte Crompton

We know you’re all loving the anonymous heART project, but wouldn’t it be great to learn a little more about some of the artists behind the postcards? Here is a little more information about the artists who’ve contributed to this year’s auction.

Just a note – the images here don’t necessarily correspond to the artists profiled. It’s got to be anonymous after all!

Ralph Steadman

Instagram: @steadmanart

Since entering the industry as a cartoonist, Ralph has experimented throughout his 60 year career in sculpting, designing, and writing and has even illustrated classics such as Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island and Animal Farm. He is maybe best known for his work with Hunter S. Thompson, producing the cover art for Fear and Loating in Las Vegas.  In recent years, Ralph has been illustrating political caricatures for the New Statesman, The Independent and the New York Observer.


Instagram @pejac_art

Pejac is a Spanish artist with a tremendous ability to communicate meaningful messages through his provocative, striking and emotional artwork. Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, Pejac’s dedicated his time to producing artwork for healthcare workers and hospitals in his hometown of Santander, which was deeply affected by the virus. From his postcard, we could potentially expect something capable of stopping us in our tracks; forcing us to think and reflect on the difficulties faced by the world today.

Ashley Jackson

Instagram: @ashleyjacksongallery

Ashley is one of Britain’s leading and most successful landscape watercolourists, whose artwork is synonymous with Yorkshire. The moors above and around his gallery are a common theme throughout his art. As he says: ““Yorkshire, if not for you I would not be an artist. You are the one who made my eyes see and my heart feel.”


Instagram: @fanakapan

Fanakapan is a London-based street artist with a high profile in the urban contemporary art scene. With his superb free hand skills, Fanakapan creates hyper realistic visuals of real life objects. The 3D effect of his creations look so realistic that they will force you to do a double take. The self-taught artist from Dorset wants people to decide for themselves what the message behind his artwork is.

Norman Ackroyd, CBE, RA

Instagram: @normanackroyd

Born in Leeds, Norman is a landscape artist whose love for nature was nurtured by long bicycle rides in the Yorkshire Dales as a young boy. Despite working with a range of media, he is most prolific in etching. Norman has won a number of awards and his work is displayed in the Tate, the British Museum, and the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Hayden Kays

Instagram: @Haydenkays

Hayden Kays is a British artist whose work is characterised by bold imagery, accomplished craftsmanship and deadpan humour. His unique style has sold to celebrities such as Chris Martin and Noel Fielding and it has been the cover art for rock bands including The Kooks and the Tribes. Hayden’s first book, ‘Hayden Kays is an Artist’ is a selected collection of his art and has been declared ‘a seriously good-looking book’ by Banksy.

Sarah Graham

Instagram: @sarahgraham_art

Sarah Graham is a British artist who works almost exclusively with oil on canvas. Her vibrant and energetic artwork is a reflection of her fun loving personality and self-confessed obsession with colour. In 2012, Sarah painted the album cover of the Kaiser Chief’s singles collection ‘Souvenir’, which was released worldwide. The bands lead singer, Ricky Wilson, praises Sarah’s ability to “take something mundane, like the lollies she paints, and elevate it to the status of something more.”

Now you’ve got the info, can you spot the stunning pieces by these artists? Head over to and test your artistic eye.

Lot No 350 - Fishing Boat - Low Tide (close up 1)
Lot No 397 - I (heart) Ramen (close up 1)
Lot No 462 - Cityscape (close up 1)
Lot No 408 - Real Donald Trump (close up 1)