By Charlotte Crompton

With our anonymous heART project, we’re are giving you the opportunity to brighten up your home, express your personality and support a great cause. Sounds good right?

At a time when lots of us are at home more than ever and are turning to holistic activities like yoga and meditation to improve health and wellbeing, why not check out the benefits of introducing art to your home?

We have almost 500 pieces of artwork created by big names across the art and entertainment available for you to bid on and brighten up your home before the winter months set in. So, what are the benefits of art?

Art allows you to ask questions, reflect on emotions and think about new ideas

Whether it’s a memory, feeling or thought, a piece of art can evoke powerful emotions when we look at it. This enables us to reflect on our emotions and beliefs and art provides the comfort and reassurance that we are not isolated in those thoughts. Art which is more than decoration, and can challenge you intellectually and confront pre-existing ideas that you may hold. By exploring these feelings, we begin to think more openly, challenge ourselves and see the world from a different viewpoint. Having artwork capable of shifting your worldview and making you think differently about things is a daily reminder to question our habits and thoughts.

Do you have a room suffering with an identity crisis?

A room that previously lacked personality and character can suddenly come to life by simply bringing in art that speaks to you. Choosing art that you connect with is great therapy for those who want to express themselves. Also, from a design perspective, art acts as a focal point, making a room appear finished and reflects your personality. Art is one of the most personal items in a house and showcasing it lets you create more meaningful connections with guests. Your home is your space and filling it with art you love will help you enjoy where you spend the majority of your time.

The healing power of art

You don’t have to create art for it to have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. Finding artwork that you have an emotional connection with can improve mental health, as studies show that art can reduce levels of anxiety and depression. If you feel inspired by the #anonartproject to have a go yourself, there is evidence to suggest that participation in art may delay the onset of dementia, and that it can impact cognitive functioning, through stimulating memories, and attention. In addition, producing art in classes or groups can improve the mood and confidence of people living with dementia and increase their social engagement. Also, having art in your workspace can help to keep you inspired and reduce stress when working from home.

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A source of inspiration

Seeing other people do what they love while being successful and bringing other people joy is what we all want to do. That’s why we have idols and follow Instagram accounts of inspirational people – because their passion is contagious. Often we hear our friends, or even ourselves, making excuses for not doing the things that bring us joy, saying, “I would paint more if I had time.” Artists pursuing their passion and working against the grain, inspire us to do the same. Art encourages us to do what we love, try new things and open up to being vulnerable. Accepting this challenge encourages growth and has amazing health benefits.

For whatever reason you choose to add some art to your home, we want you to find a piece you can fall in love with. You can browse and bid on all 497 pieces by visiting All the money raised will support Heart Research UK’s pioneering research in to the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease.

A selection of the anonymous heART project artwork

A selection of the anonymous heART project artwork

A selection of the anonymous heART project artwork