Research Grant Highlights

We want to make sure that we support the highest quality science and the best scientists. Each year, our expert Medical Review Panels meet to assess and select the best grant applications for research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease. These panels consist of cardiologists, surgeons and scientists with expertise and knowledge in relevant areas of cardiovascular disease. We also find independent, external peer reviewers from all over the world to help us assess the grant applications.

Heart Research UK is a national charity which spends its funding on activity across the country, which means what is raised locally is used to help hearts near you.

Covid-19 – Message for grantholders

Heart Research UK understands that the current Covid-19 situation will impact our medical grants and we will support our grantholders as best we can. We will contact you soon to ask you to provide as much information as possible and keep us informed over the coming weeks about how this is likely to affect your project, so that we can assess the likely impact. Please be assured that we are prepared to support requests for no-cost grant extensions to cover any delays caused by the suspension of research caused by the Covid-19 situation. Requests for additional financial assistance to cover costed extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis as the situation becomes clearer. Please email Helen Wilson or call 0113 234 7474 if you have any questions or concerns.