Your heart

Cardiovascular disease is a general term that covers all diseases affecting the heart (cardio) or blood vessels (vascular).

Heart diseases are many and varied, but here you can read about some of the main ones.


Any part of the heart can be affected by disease, including:

  • heart valves
  • muscular walls of the pumping chambers
  • electrical conducting system
  • blood vessels that supply the heart muscle


There is often an overlap between heart conditions. Patients may be affected by more than one condition at the same time or one condition may lead to another. For example, a patient may be affected by coronary artery disease, angina, heart attack and heart failure, or a child with congenital heart disease may have heart valve problems and heart failure.

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Through pioneering research and accessible education, Heart Research UK aims to reduce the number of people developing and dying from heart disease, while improving and extending the lives of those affected.

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People with certain types of heart disease have a higher risk of developing serious complications from Covid-19 and there is evidence that the virus can cause damage to the heart.

We must continue to do all we can to prevent and treat heart disease.

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